Monday, June 13, 2011

Songs day 4! And pretty things

DAy 4:  A song that makes you sad.
Gladiator Theme song Now We Are Free by Lisa Gerrard
I always almost cry when I hear this song. If you've seen the movie gladiator, this is the song at the very end. If you havn't seen the movie, I suggest you do :)
I think I cry when i hear this song mostly because I remember the movie and also because its just so darned beautiful. Also, when I searched this song up, I learned something interesting. She's singing in a made up language. Pretty lyrical for a made up language i think :)
Anyways, thats day 4! Done!

Some Gorgeous flower decorating ideas

 I absolutely love dahlias. The amazing assortment of variety and colour astounds me. I love the above idea because the dahlias take front row and are lit up by the candles.
 Flowers and fruit! how cute! (sorry couldn't resist :P) But I especially love the flowers in the picture on the left in the pitcher.
 Always loved this style of arrangement
 I love the bright green and soft pink. This might be an inspiration for a scrapbook page sometime.
I love the terrarium style of the one on the left.

And I got the first sunburn of my life this weekend... Boo Hoo :(

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