Thursday, June 30, 2011

Homemade Commercial

So today, Rachel and I made a commercial for our Junior Achievement Company. We're going to DC at the end of the month for a HUGE competitions and one of the things we needed for entrance was a commercial. So here it is. :)

PS. The song is the instrumental version of Sarah Barielles- King of Anything

Day 17 and Wedding Card

Day 17: A song you hear on the radio.

I love the Script, and I remember listening to them before they got on the radio. Once they did appear on the radio, I remember that I heard this song ALL THE TIME. And then it got really annoying, which is the bad part of having a song on the radio. But I still adore the band, so no harm done.

My cousin is getting married later this summer and my mom got me to make a card to send to him as we aren't able to attend the wedding. Usually I wouldn't really mind because my summer is pretty booked anyways, but he lives in Australia, and I was so excited to go, and see my family again since I've only seen them 3? times in my life. So, because of that, I put a heck of a lot of effort into this card and I really love how it turned out.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 16 and more San Fran

DAy 16: A song you used to love but don't anymore.

Plus, I found myself two dresses and two pairs of shoes. The US seems to actually carry clothing in my size :) It's actually nice for a change to find something that fits. Plus all 4 were on sale which was nice because they would have cost me too much if they weren't.
So both dresses were bought from Macy's, one was was Ralph Lauren and one was Nine West on for an amazing sale.Both are a little big and are going to need some tailoring but really, at the price I bought them at it's worth it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 15 and Return

So I just got back from San Francisco, which is also why I haven't kept up with my daily posting.... sorry about that :) Anyways, now that I'm back I can get right back into it.
Day 15: A song that describes you.
Army of Me by Bjork
I dont know why, I think because there are so many versions of this song by Bjork that I think it kind of relates to all the different ways I can lead my life, and also how strong this version makes me feel. Plus, the lyrics are pretty self inspiring, I guess. This song just pretty much struck a chord with me for some reason. Plus I thought this music video was kind of strange, funny, just like me.

Also, Pictures from San Fran!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 14, Happiness and Excitement.

Day 14: A song you love that no one would expect.
I love old songs that my parents would have listened to. Stuff like Supertramp, Simon and Garfunkle, all the rock oldies. Once this song came on the radio as we were off to a volleyball game and I started singing along. Everyone had no idea how I knew the song, because they had never heard it. It looks like my parents passed on a fabulous taste in music to me :)

Also just had my math 30 diploma today, and I'm pretty confident that I did well... hopefully I'm right haha

So now I'm completely done high school! I'm so excited to move onto bigger and better things... Can't wait to go on to University.

And 400 page views as of this morning! yay!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 13 and SPRING!

Day 13: A guilty pleasure song.
Any Japanese pop song :) They're so happy and peppy and I love them but totally not my style haha

Also :) some new photos of my garden. I think my photography is getting a bit better.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lets Celebrate!


Day 12 and Excitement!

Day 12: A song by a band you hate
Why do I hate them? I just think they're lame. And their music is just annoying. And I think the guy in the grey vest looks creepy.

Also... I'm really excited because I just got some amazing news. I've just gotten really back into scrapbooking this year and was looking for opportunities to become more involved in the scrapbooking community in Canada, because I'm the only person I know my age that scrapbooks, so really there's no one who I'm friends with who shares my love affair with paper. So... getting onto the real point... There's the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival in Edmonton in October! and I'm so excited to go! If you live in Alberta, or would just really like to come, you can find more info here at the Canadian Scrapbooker website. There is a two day crop, cool classes and tons of amazing scrapbook merchandise. Plus a contest! I just cant wait at all, and hopefully I'll meet some awesome new people.

PLUS: I've just recently started watching the office from the first seasons because my lovely obsessed cousins have finally gotten through to me.... and no surprise here, i LOVE IT. so here's a little remix of the main song that I really like (even though I don't particularly like little wayne, and the copious amounts of swearing his music has makes me slightly uncomfortable.) but here you go anyways (and yes. it does have swearing in it, I'm sorry)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 11 and Secret Part 2!

Also go here to see my Alberta Business Hall Of Fame speech!

Day 11: A song from your favorite band.
My favorite Band since last summer has got to be Wakey! Wakey!. I love how upbeat their songs are and how everything has such a good beat and tune. The person who actually introduced me to them was my camp manager at Shumka Summer Dance Camps last year, and he and I share a very similar taste in music, so a lot of music list sharing took place that day. So now onto Rachels book....

Rachels book is actually the first mini book I've ever made in my life. Off to a good start I think!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 10 and Secret!

Day 10: A song that makes you fall asleep
The Man Who Isn't There by Oren Lavie
I first heard of Oren Lavie when I watched the first Narnia movie. His song "Dance Round the Memory Tree" was one of my favorites.  So one day at camp last year, I was taking a nap on my bunk while the kids were busy, and I woke up to this song playing while lying in the full sunshine on a soft bed. It was a fabulous feeling to just be lying there with beautiful music and not a care in the world, and I wish I could experience that more often.

Also: The secret that I wasn't able to reveal until now...
For my two best friends grad presents, I made them their own individual mini books about our friendship.

This one was Krystynes book, Rachels is for tomorrow!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 9

Day 9: A song you can dance to
SOng: Bad Day workout remix (only found on itunes)
So its the song in the video, but not at the same time...
Last year at Shumka Camps where I work as a counsellor in the summers we had a camp line dance to this song, which was absolutely fabulous. SO I love this song because the dance was so much fun.

Plus, there will be another scrapbook page posted soon, I just need to actually go buy some double sided tape so I can put it together.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 8 and new Page!

Day 8: A song you know all the words to
Yes! by LMFAO

This is kind of a funny story. Its a completely inappropriate song, and kind of weird. (This video is also pretty long so I would suggest going forward a bit) SO during volleyball season this year, my friend and I would have contests to see who could say all the words of this song properly when it came on the speakers WHILE we were doing practice before a game. So we got all the words down pretty quickly.

Also... new scrapbook page about my two best friends and myself. We've been together for thirteen amazing years and I love them both so much.

 Yarn wrapped numbers so they match the golden yellow colour
 The flowers are crocheted by the way. Ill post a tutorial sometime, they're just made of basic chain stitch.
 Love these new stamps. just bought them from Winners :)
the black stickers are from Recollections

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 7 plus Cards

Day 7: A song that reminds you of a certain event
Hot and Cold by Katy Perry

When I was in School volleyball in my grade 10 year, we had a whole dance to this video that we did in our bus on the way to an out of town tournament. It was so much fun and this song always reminds me of that time.

Finally got around to making some more cards :)

 Stamped some circle graph stamps on white paper and cut it into squares then stuck it on a piece of black cardstock and tied a bow :)
This one was a little more complicated but i like it better. First I lightly dry embossed a piece of blue paper to give it some texture, then i splattered it with watered down blue acrylic paint. The blue strip down the side is made by just punching a martha stewart around the page punch on either side of a strip of paper. The flag stamps are from Lawn Fawn (i think?). The spotted yellowed and brown distressed paper is made using reinforcements as masks then peeling them off after painting over the page. Stitched it on the page and stuck a prima calypso flower on with a yellow button.

Thats all for today!