Friday, January 28, 2011

A couple of Scrapbook pages.

I've been really hesitant to share my scrapbook pages, we because frankly, i feel i am a terrible scrapbooker, but I'm getting better, and these are two of my newest pages that i think are getting up there quality wise. So that is why I posted them. Sorry they're at an angle, i had to do that in order to make sure there wouldn't be a shadow.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've been a busy little bee...

still have to finish this....
Just bought some new paper over the last weekend in celebration of being done my first semester of grade 12! I made this card for my english teacher, as she is very old world england style.
This is a card i made for one of my teachers, the most fantastic social teacher i have ever had in my life. My friends and i split the cost of a Starbucks mug for her and i used the blue purple and green design as a basis for the card.
one of my favorite cards i have ever made. I made it for my Nena as a Thank You card for Christmas presents :) The white flowers are like a lace type of thing, i took individual flower punches and glued just the tips together. the silver paper is just a sleeve so you can see the difference.

long time no see...

Cool plant, first version
I am disputing quitting Deviant art. One of my old friends from junior high recently did, and she made some really good points. I will keep my account, to favorite others work and to follow those i follow, but I doubt I will post any more artwork on there. I have basically stopped posting on there anyways, so its not like that will be much of a change. As an amateur artist, there really is no support on there, as the only art that is ever seen in the most popular stuff, or your art up to (if your lucky) 20 seconds after you uploaded it. I started to fint this annoying so I think I will end it before i go full on mad.. So... here is the new stuff. I went to Hawaii with my family during Christmas holidays, so i got an opportunity to shoot things that we dont have at home, such as water, haha.

Some really cool plant thing, this is the second version

Ocean at Sunset
I bought this star :) it now resides in my room.
Who knew Canada and Hawaii could have plants that are EXACTLY THE SAME