Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 8 and new Page!

Day 8: A song you know all the words to
Yes! by LMFAO

This is kind of a funny story. Its a completely inappropriate song, and kind of weird. (This video is also pretty long so I would suggest going forward a bit) SO during volleyball season this year, my friend and I would have contests to see who could say all the words of this song properly when it came on the speakers WHILE we were doing practice before a game. So we got all the words down pretty quickly.

Also... new scrapbook page about my two best friends and myself. We've been together for thirteen amazing years and I love them both so much.

 Yarn wrapped numbers so they match the golden yellow colour
 The flowers are crocheted by the way. Ill post a tutorial sometime, they're just made of basic chain stitch.
 Love these new stamps. just bought them from Winners :)
the black stickers are from Recollections

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