Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 14, Happiness and Excitement.

Day 14: A song you love that no one would expect.
I love old songs that my parents would have listened to. Stuff like Supertramp, Simon and Garfunkle, all the rock oldies. Once this song came on the radio as we were off to a volleyball game and I started singing along. Everyone had no idea how I knew the song, because they had never heard it. It looks like my parents passed on a fabulous taste in music to me :)

Also just had my math 30 diploma today, and I'm pretty confident that I did well... hopefully I'm right haha

So now I'm completely done high school! I'm so excited to move onto bigger and better things... Can't wait to go on to University.

And 400 page views as of this morning! yay!

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