Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 12 and Excitement!

Day 12: A song by a band you hate
Why do I hate them? I just think they're lame. And their music is just annoying. And I think the guy in the grey vest looks creepy.

Also... I'm really excited because I just got some amazing news. I've just gotten really back into scrapbooking this year and was looking for opportunities to become more involved in the scrapbooking community in Canada, because I'm the only person I know my age that scrapbooks, so really there's no one who I'm friends with who shares my love affair with paper. So... getting onto the real point... There's the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival in Edmonton in October! and I'm so excited to go! If you live in Alberta, or would just really like to come, you can find more info here at the Canadian Scrapbooker website. There is a two day crop, cool classes and tons of amazing scrapbook merchandise. Plus a contest! I just cant wait at all, and hopefully I'll meet some awesome new people.

PLUS: I've just recently started watching the office from the first seasons because my lovely obsessed cousins have finally gotten through to me.... and no surprise here, i LOVE IT. so here's a little remix of the main song that I really like (even though I don't particularly like little wayne, and the copious amounts of swearing his music has makes me slightly uncomfortable.) but here you go anyways (and yes. it does have swearing in it, I'm sorry)

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