Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Long time no see...

A picture I took in the fall. Just found out about Picknik and am having a Blast trying out all those crazy effects they have. Really cuts down on the amount of time I would have been spending on photoshop in some cases. So basically, i just adjusted the contrast and lighting, and then added a focal point, then did some burning in photoshop on the individual buds.
Pretty much same process with the lion statue.
First time actually using watercolour in ages... not saying that I'm good at it.... But this was an experiment in masking. The sparkles are embossing powder.

So it feels like I havn't been on in forever, but thats because I really have not. My english teacher decided to give us a taste of what university would be like and gave us three assignments to do on analyzing short stories that totalled to around 40 pages of writing. So I've been busy :). But of course, not busy enough to stop procrastinating. So here are the non-homework results of my English Honors ordeal.