Saturday, March 31, 2012

Short Stack

This page is about my younger brother and how I always told him that he would never be taller than me. Unfortunately he seems to be growing pretty fast. I'm a little taller than my mom (probably about half and inch) so you can see how close he's getting to being my height. He's only 15, so I have a feeling he's going to end up being the tallest one in our family since he's already started growing. (I'm guessing around 6'5? Actually probably just hoping because that means I can still compete if I wear heels)
 This is my first time focusing on layering in a layout. I first painted the background paper with a cornflower blue and then white acrylic paints. Then I watered down some black acrylic paint and used a toothbrush and a straw to spray it. I finally cut up my favorite sheet of printed transparency (the cream doily in the top right corner) which was incredibly hard to do, and another sheet of this blue and red printed paper.

The rosette is handmade from a paint chip and circle and heart die cuts. I used a nail dotting tool and the grooves in my paper cutter to make (slightly uneven) crease lines and then folded into an accordion fold and glued the other elements on top. It's a LOT easier if you crease the lines before folding, just a tip haha.

Some foam Thickers from American Crafts and little punched hearts make up the title. The red thread heart is just holes in a heart shape and randomly sewing with red thread to fill in the shape. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This is True

The other day I went on a walk with my family. The snow is finally starting to melt and it was absolutely beautiful outside. I brought along my camera like I always do but eventually my family gets tired of me taking pictures of them. While I'm lagging behind taking pictures of everything else, I look ahead and my mom and dad are holding hands walking together. How cute!

My parents will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary soon, and through everything they've still been each-others best friends. To me, that's the kind of love you want. Yes they disagree about things, yes they're mad once in a while, but is there anything more beautiful than sharing life with your best friend? That's the kind of love I want, and someday hopefully that will happen. 

My page was inspired by This One which I found on Pinterest initially.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Imminent Ideas

I love the cool things you can find on Pinterest! Here is a list of a couple of my favorites :)
I would love to have a large picture like this... but i don't know of what. From here

I want to do this, so badly. From here

I really really want to make one of these. Or just buy one, but they're super expensive...

I need to make these, I love them. But now I need to save up a ton of Starbucks bottles... From here

Definitely will be doing this with my best friends. From here
I thought this was HILARIOUS solely because of the expression. Okay... not JUST because of the expression...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lemon Crinkles

Two weeks ago I made these cookies for my business program kids. I had promised to make them cookies, and Reading week gave me the perfect opportunity to actually make them. Definitely the best "non chocolate chip" cookies I've ever made, so double up on the recipe! (Recipe found on Pinterest from here originally)
My cookies definitely turned out puffier than this, not really sure why...

I doubled up on the lemon zest (and possibly even the juice) and rather than pulling out my mixer I just used a large whisk. The dough is soft enough that you can still mix it easily enough, just make sure to add the flour a little at a time to make mixing easier and less messy :)