Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crayola Hearts

Pinterest, like many other ladies (and some guys!) my new addiction. The amount of inspiration I find every day is incredible. One of these projects has caught many peoples attention just because how unusual and fun this project is. If any of you have Pinterest, you will definitely recognize the "crayon melting on canvas" that EVERYONE seems to have pinned. 

I was inspired by this picture, just because it was different from the rest and I hadn't thought of placing my crayons in a shape before heating.

This is how you do it!
 Glue your crayons on a canvas with hot glue. You can keep the paper on, or take it off, whatever your preference is. Then all you need to do if heat the crayons with a blow dryer or heat gun (I used an embossing gun because it was hotter and directed the wax better) and tilt the canvas and let the wax run! Make sure you've covered your work surface with something, this can get super messy.

And here's my finished product!