Sunday, October 30, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

My pumpkin has finally been completed, just in time too haha. My brother and I carved this one together, and we are so proud of it. Star Wars themed with Darth Vader, Yoda and Darth Mal.

And my brothers fabulous costume :) He's a man in a shower haha.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Frost and Fall

I was a little late to school this morning because I was taking pictures...

Monday, October 17, 2011

999 page views!!

Haha I can't believe I went on RIGHT at the perfect time! At exactly 999 pageviews! WOOO! I remember back when I started this blog I was amazed when I would get one pageview in a week... now at around 15 a day? WOW. Thank you everyone so much. I know it's still no where close to a crazy successful blog, but it's a lot more than I ever thought it would be. So thank you, every single one of you.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

University... Love?

So far University has been crazy. I love it, but it sucks up my life at the same time. I always feel frantic, like something needs to be done that I'm forgetting, or that I should be home studying. But then I get home and start to study and I don't want to. It's quite the difference between University and High School, and I can honestly say the only thing I really miss is how much less homework we had. I still get to see my close friends on weekends, or in passing during my walk to other classes luckily, so that's not too bad.  But the amount of homework? Oh my goodness... I think I've managed to actually cross everything off my to do list once... on my first day haha. This weekend for example, I basically sat in my chair for a solid 14 hours working on a Bio Lab Report and starting to study for a calculus midterm in a week and a half. And I havn't even started on my Chem review yet. And this week coming up is insane; volleyball Monday and Wednesday, teaching swimming on Thursday and going out with friends on Friday. Homework... well I guess I'll be doing all of that on Tuesday...

On a lighter note.. I haven't uploaded any scrapbook pages lately. These were all done near the beginning of September since I don't really have time now to do any scrapbooking.

This one is kind of a joke page about this picture I found of me and my dad on my first day of school. My dad used to have a crazy beard, afro, always wore aviators, tasseled shoes and had a darned cool car, so I call him the original hipster since he was doing all those things before it was cool to be uncool. In this picture we look exactly like hipsters way back when so that was my inspiration for the page.

This page, I was kinda having a sad day, but I had this fabulous new stack of paper to work with and this happened. My favorite part is definitely the title.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Crazy parties and Tie Dye

So for the last little while I've been a little crazy about tie dye. This actually started when my best friend phoned me up and told me I had to come over and help her make 9 tie dye shirts and a pair of leggings. I wasn't really sure why she needed me, but I went anyways. Turned out that she had met a band at Sonic Boom, which is a big music festival put on in our city, and when they saw her tie dye shirt, they asked if she would make them some in return for 3 free tickets to their secret concert which would be held later in September. Since it was my birthday soon, and I was the only one other than her that would be 18, she invited me to come along. So we made a heck of a lot of tie dye...

 These are my tie dye nails. I did them using water marbling (just google it, there are tons of tutorials) Really easy, really quick and it looks so pretty. Make sure to use a base coat though. because the top swirly bit it quite a thin layer. This was my testing hand, I later took it all off and started again.
 This is what my nails look like now, the "finished product" I used a sparkly blue, a sparkly plum and a magenta.

Now on to the tie dye...
 Rachels Leggings :) They turned out really crazy because we hung them up and the colours all melded together. Still very cool though.
 The lovely Rachel with our tie dye
 All the crazy shirts we did. Thats 9 total!
 My shirt :) (which Rachel made for me)
 Rachels leggings, which we foolishly hung up...
 Rachels shirt (which I made )
 Rachels moms shirt
 Our state of the art Tie Dye drying rack.

Hollerado, the band that asked us to make the tie dye shirts. They gave us some band tshirts too which was super nice of them :)
 Wildlife and Young Rival, the two opening bands for Hollerado. I really liked them both tpoo, they all put on a fabulous show.

One thing I loved about that night was how small the venue was. It was about the size of my kitchen plus my living room and had a stage and a bar crammed into there. Made for a really squishy but totally fun night.