Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Real Life Pins

The other day, I looked over to the side of my desk and realized how truly disgusting my pinboard looked. It was full of out dated papers (from like, kindergarten), stupid little magazine clippings of cartoon characters and a whole lot of old lists. So I decided to re-organize and make myself an inspiration board instead. I went on my pinterest and looked through all of the pins, putting my favourites  into a word document. I printed off 3 pages worth and cut them out individually. Then I pinned them up individually and managed to pack all of them in!

Unfortunately I ran out of push pins, so I had to start using sewing pins. I actually kind of like how they turned out, especially since I could match the colour better to the picture I was pinning. 

I'm really excited about this pincoard now. I feel like every time I get stuck on something I'm working on, I can just look over and be inspired.


  1. This is so fantastic, I love it! I have now pinned this to my Pinterest boards, so I can remember to make a real life board of my own! x

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! I can't believe I never came up with the idea before!

  2. Good idea - I haven't got my techno-phobic head around Pinterest yet, but I have an old cork board languishing in the garage which may have to make its way to my workroom now! :)

  3. I copy my Pins into Word to print out too. I take a stack of layout ideas to crops with me. Darn Pinterest for not having an easy way to print your Pins, huh?!