Monday, June 11, 2012

New Header

As you may be able to see... I have a new header for my blog! I liked the old one, but thought it didn't really reflect how my style has changed in the past while, and I thought the old name was a little childish sounding. This is the old one:

And here is the new one!
Oh man, I LOVE this one. Like I'm so proud of myself I could probably scream. It's just absolutely perfect and TOTALLY looks how I hoped it would. The most difficult part was figuring out what to write on it other than my name. I put something slightly lame, but it's the most obvious way to describe my blog. I have a new obsession with watercolour paint and sketched flowers. I'm horrible at painting with watercolours, but I can paint a background and draw something on it no problem.

I've decided that i'll be a little more faithful to my blog. Rather than just half-heartedly posting things, just to get my pictures up there, I'll actually put some solid effort into what I'm saying. With that said, I need to start incorporating the *joke* part of my title into my blog. SO for the first one (dedicated to my brothers dislike of the band One Direction)....

Those faces are perfect.

My God.

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