Saturday, June 23, 2012

How I Scrap

So, continuing on with my 5 Ws and 1H of Scrapbooking, I'll show you how I put a page together. 

I always print out my pictures first, I find they help me get a page started. Then I grab paper that fits in the colour scheme I've chosen, including a neutral looking 12x12 page for the background, and a couple of scraps in neutral colours as well. For this layout, I decided to do some blue, yellow and orange as my colours as I was focusing on spending time in the sun with my cousins. 

Here, I've started piecing together my basic layout plan. I've cropped my pictures to the size I want and have places them approximately how I want them on the layout. I normally start with the pictures just laying directly on the background paper and then I start adding sheep of paper underneath (but not cutting them yet). Here I've also pulled out some embellishments I made a while ago but never used. The colour scheme seems to work with them, so I'll try to incorporate them in my layout. 

I've started creating a mat background for my pictures, I chose the golden yellow paper to be the main background and I die cut the word sunshine in the bottom corner. I added strips of yellow, orange and white paper to the top of the yellow to add some interest and also mask a square that was previously cut out of the paper. I also found these little orange zig-zag borders that I added to look like triangles. 

I punched out some heart confetti from paper scraps and stitched a vellum heart over them to keep them down without glue. 

Added the photos and some visual interest to the top corner to balance out the layout. (I also really wanted to add some of the orange gingham onto the layout). A blue heart was also cut out and stitched into place. All I have to do now is glue down the paper rosette and add a couple more details. 

The finished product, with a couple more strips of paper in the top left corner, a cute flower paper clip, an added sentiment over the sunshine diecut and the glued down rosette.

Hopefully now I'll get around to cleaning my desk so I can do the "Where I scrap" post next!


  1. I really like your layout and love to read how you made it !!
    was it meant to be the background paper upside down ? Did you manage to get your desk cleaned ?

  2. Love the vellum heart with confetti!