Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"I Want" Wendsdays

So, as some of you may now, I'm a list person. I LOVE making lists. They help me keep everything straight as to what I want, what i need to do, and who needs something from me. So I've decided that I'll start and "I Want" list on my blog every Wednesday. It can be things I want to buy, things I want to do, or places I want to visit. SO here's to the first "I Want" Wednesday!
1: The Amy Tangerine Sketchbook line. This line is just so beautiful and I want it desperately. I've finally found a store in my city that stocks it so crossing my fingers that I get the papers I want! I can see myself using up this line too quickly, maybe I should buy doubles of everything?

2: The Dear Lizzy Neapolitan line. Lizzy has the same penchant for florals and ombre that I do. There are some stand out papers that I just can't wait to get my hands on. Luckily, the same store sells the dear lizzy collection, so I'll just have to pick up both while I'm there.

3: Amy Hellers Through the Kaleidoscope Class from Two Peas. I love Amys style and the way she puts colours together on her pages. That seems to be one of my biggest problems in scrapbooking, so this class would be perfect. Hopefully I can still sign up!  

4: Washi Tape, but only specific ones. I love the look of washi tape, but I don't think I would use it enough to justify buying a whole bunch of them. But I do have some favorites out there that I really want to get my hands on. Mostly because they use my favorite colour scheme of blue and pink. I really need to get myself out of this rut. Maybe I really should take Amy's class.

5: One of these Ombre necklaces. These are so beautiful and expensive I could cry. I need to learn how to make my own. It couldn't be too hard, right? Gosh I sure hope not because these beauties will haunt my dreams till I get one.  
6: A Teal Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. We're redoing our kitchen, so in my mind, now is the absolute PERFECT time to get one. Now all I have to do is convince my parents that it's a good idea... 

The first I Want Wednesday is really made up of things I want to buy, next week though there will definitely be places and experiences included in the list. I promise :)

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