Wednesday, June 20, 2012


1: A Golden Retriever Puppy. This one is an ongoing want, pretty much for the last 16 years of my life. The first word I ever said was the name of my neighbours golden retriever, and my first sentence was "Tika sit." I'm pretty sure this means that I NEED a dog, but my parents just don't believe me. However, my mom did promise that as my University graduation present, they would buy me any dog I want, so I'm pretty much set in 6 years or so :)
2: A new small purse. Whenever you go out partying with the girls, you never want to take a big purse with you. I already own one small one, but it's mint green and limits some of the things I can wear with it. If I could get a nice brown one, like this one from American Eagle, it would definitely give me more choices. 

3:The Little Bo Peep 6x6 pad from Crate paper: I love the pinks, yellows greens and florals in this pad, and I really love how the flowers are smaller prints so they're more useable. Also, the smaller pads are really useable and I always love flipping through a smaller pad of paper that's got matching colours. 

4: Certain papers from the Indie Chic line from My Minds Eye. I love the bohemian style of this line, the geometric floral prints, the colours, and the how everything matches. I just love how there are 3 or 4 collections of this one to choose from!

5: A trip to Venice. Ever since I read "The Book Thief" as a child, I've wanted to go to Venice. The book portrayed it as a magical place, and I love the idea of the canals. It's on my "next place to go" list, maybe I should make it official sometime by doing a page like Amy Tan did.

6: This lace scarf: Luckily I've already started making one of these for myself, instead of grey, it's plum coloured. There was a fabric shop that was closing out, so everything was 60% off. So the scarf maybe cost me $15 to make rather than $50

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  1. for your number 5 : Venice, be careful when you go their
    When I was younger I went their end october and the weather was horrible... and we had a flood...
    I know that for most people paris is the romantic city but for french people it's Venice !! And I was quite disappoint due to the weather...
    In february (i think) it is also Carnival time, I would love to see that, but apparently it's pretty crazy (so crowded)