Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family Reunion

Still busy catching up with all of the pages I've made, so here are two more! The first one is a picture from grad of me and my friend Marta. Marta's last name is Ukrainian for wolf, so that is where the title came from. Most of the inspiration came from Pinterest again, using multiple pictures.

The background of stitched diamonds was originally going to cover the whole page, but I think it would have looked too busy then, so I just stuck with a couple.

The title is a doodle inspired by one I saw on pinterest. I just took the idea, redrew it and substituted my own words

The second page was just completed recently, and has parts of a project I decided not to finish a while back because of the amount of effort it would involve. The 3 flowers were made by first painting on watercolour papers with a mixture of purple, pink and yellow watercolours, then drawing and shading flowers in black ink.

I love the watercolours in the heart included in the title. I think that may be my secret favorite part.

The page is connected to a combination of a phrase my cousin used and one my grandpa inspired. My cousin was amazed at how much older we had all gotten, and my grandpa is the biggest joker around and always teases us about being foolish children


  1. These pages are beautiful, the flowers on the 'older' page are stunning! I would never have thought of doing this, but I'm going to try now... off to dig out my watercolours!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my Soiree! For future reference though, it would be great if you can link directly to the post your layout is on, not just your blog url. Otherwise when people click through they might not be able to find your layout if you've posted a lot more since! I'd love you to link again! x

    1. The flowers are definitely my favorite part :) you're the first one to share that with me haha. I would recommend trying it (I'm addicted to making these now!)

      And good tip about the linking! I'll definitely remember that for next time I link to your blog

  2. Loving the purple background. Who'da thunk?

    1. Haha thank you! I was pretty hesitant about it, but now I'm loving the colour!