Thursday, June 14, 2012

4 W's and 1 H

Loni, one of my Young Scrappers friends, and my honorary scrapper "mom" just started her own scrap-blog (Loni's Blog). She decided to start it off with posts about who, when, where, why and how she scraps. I absolutely loved the idea and I think I'll borrow it from her (though I would recommend checking hers out, she's a much better writer than I am, and if you have kids, you'll definitely be able to relate).

So today, I'll start off with "Who" I scrap.

As I'm still way too young to have kids, I have a smaller amount of people I can regularly scrap. Most of my scrapbook pages are of me and my two best friends, or my family. Unfortunately, my brother is convinced that he's not photogenic and hates having pictures taken of him. So I get a lot of these pictures:

(someday I'll have to make a Layout of these faces alone) 
Luckily, sometimes he actually smiles normally and I can make a nice family page like this:

It's a lot easier to make a page of my best friends, since they're always up for going on a photo excursion. They may be silly, and we may take WAY too many pictures, but they always give me a ton of pictures to work with and a ton of stories to share. We've known each other for a little more than 13 years and will most likely be the old ladies who have wheelchair races down the hall way of our seniors home. 

This last year has kind of been a tough one for us, we've had to face challenges we've never had to deal with before. None of us go to the same school anymore (I'm at one University, Rachel is at the other and Krystyne will going to school starting this fall), and we all work, so we have to schedule our time together. Sometimes, I'm lucky if I see them once a week. 

The rest of my pictures are family pictures, or pictures of me. Luckily we go on family vacations, so I get a lot of pictures that can be used for lots of pages. 

This year, my grandpa had his 80th birthday, so I got to hang out with all my favorite cousins. We all get together around every 2 years, so it's not like i get to see all of them that often. Luckily we're all really close in age, and have always liked to hang out with one another, so every time we get together we have a ton of fun. 

Well hopefully this describes who I scrap pretty well, but I'll be back tomorrow with when I scrap!


  1. Hooray!! I'm not alone in this! I'm so excited to read/see this series from you, Christina. I caught myself having a little motherly pride, sorry about that!
    haha. My little bro (who is 18) won't let me take his picture either. He would always give me those goofy looks so when I scrapped them, well, now he just hides from the camera! I'm hoping to gain his trust again. Ok waaay too long of a comment! Talk to you later!

    1. Haha Loni, I couldn't let you go at it alone! (And no worries about the motherly pride thing, very sweet :) )

  2. yeahhhh Christina ! great post, and you are good at writing !!
    I might follow you guys but what do I do, in french on my normal blog, or create a new one in english....

    1. Thanks Caro! I understand some basic french so I still make some effort to read you blog, but I definitely look at the pictures ;)

  3. Love this post. Growing up is a strain on friendships, but those that are strong will survive and be more valuable in the end. <3