Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Time for another one!  

I kind of absolutely love this sweater, it's even in cashmere! It looks so cozy and so absolutely perfect to study in. But with a price tag of $686.00 it just isn't ever going to happen. Someone teach me to knit or something? (Sweater)
I found this little gem of a set of washi tape on Etsy a while back and I think it's just so cute! 

 I really like teapots, and the color blue, and circles and color on a white background. So this teapot (from Crate&Barrel) is right up my alley! However, I seem to have expensive taste, $260 for a teapot is... crazy?
Wine ice cream (from here), looks like a must try! When I go out with friends, I'll take a glass of wine over a "vodka slime" any day. Keeping things classy. But this would also be the absolute perfect ice cream for break up days... (my fingers are crossed that it is never needed and this ice cream will only be used for anniversary days instead)
My boyfriend likes to tease me about my Fossil purse collection (I have 3), but his mom and I like to bond over our love of Fossil/Coach purses. So since I need a new wallet anyway, why not just bug him a little more and get my next wallet from Fossil?

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