Saturday, March 30, 2013

- I'm a general science student going into my third year of University. Majoring in Biology (organismal: animals and plants) and minoring in Philosophy.
- I love scrapbooking.
- I'm addicted to paper collecting and paper piecing, so each sheet of paper goes a long way.
- I play volleyball. I'm 6'2 and hate running, so it was the natural choice.
- My favorite color is grey, but I love to pair it with super bright colors. I also love bright colors on white. However, I don't like the color red, (I am fine with burgundy and oxblood and pink)
- I can play 3 instruments: piano, french horn and alto saxophone. Those are ordered according to how much I like them.
- I love reading. I never got to the point where I would read and walk at the same time, but I would always have a book in my bag.

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  1. I really like the small list of things about you!
    I learnt a lot!