Monday, March 18, 2013

Instagram Updates

So I thought I would condense a few recent pictures into one post and get a whole bunch of things out of the way all at once. Seeing as University is coming up into crunch time, I wont have any free space to schedule blog posts. I wish I could have enough time to write a WHOLE bunch of them and put them in a queue just like I can in tumblr... but NO TIME! So it looks like there will be no posting again for a long time after this one.

First up! The creative-type endeavors.
I've kind of been in a pink-coral creative zone lately, I just LOVE that color. But, moving on, clockwise order! 
Top Left: I made some AMAZING cookies over my reading week. The recipes keep piling up on my pinterest board and I finally decided to try one. These are the Orange Creamsicle cookies (found here ) and I highly HIGHLY recommend them. 
Top Right: I just went to this scrapbook store in my area that i recently found out about to pick up a bunch of new CHA goodies. This is a new page in progress (it's actually pretty much completed now, I just haven't updated the picture) The photos I used won't be on the page when I upload it in its entirety because they're from a modelling shoot I did for a swimsuit company. And uploading that would just be weird.
Bottom Right: At the restaurant I work at, we always have puppy and kitten notepads to write our orders on. The girls and I have taken to modifying the kittens and making them more distinguished. 
Bottom Left: It was just my mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom!

I'm taking an invertebrate zoology course this semester, even though I think most invertebrates are creepy and I definitely prefer vertebrates. But there are always some cool ones to look at. These pictures are from the day that my lab was looking at the Molluscs (these are the Gastropods or snails/slugs shells)
Top Left: I think this may be my favorite shell ever. You can't really see from the picture, but the shell is completely covered in what we call nacre (the pearlescent covering you see on the insides of some shells) with kind of a frosty covering over-top. (it looks kind of like this picture which is the same species, Bathybembix argenteonitens)
Top Right: (Family Architectonicidae, species unknown)
Bottom Right: (Nucella lamellosa)
Bottom Left: (Siratus alabaster)

More random invertebrate lab pictures, but this time from the live tank!
Left: Mussel shell (another example of the nacre, shiny layer)
Top Right: A nice little snail trying to escape after the snail race!
Bottom Right: a really lazy starfish.

Hopefully I'll actually have more cool things to post sometime, but that's all for now!

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