Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 23 and BFF Birthday!

Day 23: A song to play at your wedding

I totally know I've already picked this one, but I love it :) Plus I'm going to see him in concert! YAY Yay yay!

Also tomorrow is one of my closer guy friends birthdays. I don't often make birthday cards if I'm not going to someones birthday party because frankly I just don't have time to make cards for everyone, but this guy is special enough that I had to make one for him anyways :) So, since I also don;t have a lot of experience making cards for guys... hopefully its not too girly? Haha
 Definitely one of my favourites though. I think I've begun to come into my scrap style, since everything I've made lately I've been strangely happy with. I also seem to be addicted to kraft paper, the colour blue and sewing and white paint drops... nearly all of which appear on this card.

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