Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 21 and Favorite paper

Day 21: A song you play when you're happy
I have 2, Annie You Save Me by Graffiti6 (which I actually just heard yesterday for the first time) and Down To Earth from the Wall-e soundtrack

Also, A new page about two of my volleyball friends. I used a lot of handmade and old objects in this one, Handmade the second flower from the top, the one right underneath it, and the second flower from the bottom. The white rub on swirls are super old, one of the first scrapbooking embelishments I ever bought, and I haven't used them till now. The Title letters are originally pink thickers but i painted them black so they would go with my layout better. The paper used as the background (the blue and cream flower patterned one) is my favorite paper ever, I LOVE it.

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