Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Utter Fools

This page was a really crazy one to put together, I had the background paper all sprayed and ready, but that's the only part that stayed the same. The page I had planned for these pictures was terrible, It had no flow and just didn't look finished. So I left it... for two weeks the page sat on my desk, nothing glued down, nothing even really cut to fit yet. And then my mom went to Hallmark Cards and they put the cards she bought into this darling purple bag which she promptly handed to me as soon as she got home. And then the inspiration hit. I cut out the part of the bag that I really liked as a mat for my picture, then cut some borders for the page and punched them with little hearts. Then I cut out some of the white spaces in the paper and put patterned paper behind them. And then it was done, the page I struggled with for two weeks, came together in a little more than an hour. And I have to say I'm really happy with my homemade spray ink on the background paper. I haven't been able to find any to purchase yet, so when my dad gave me his old drafting ink refills, I made my own in an old body spray bottle. The only colour I have at the moment is fluorescent pink though because I only had one bottle to use. But soon there will be more. Soon.

Ran out of thickers vowels so I had to be creative with my title choice and make sure it only had "o"s in it.

The journalling reads : We may be the camp leaders, but that doesn't mran we can't still act like little kids from time to time. <3 Camp 201

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