Friday, November 25, 2011

New Style

Just trying out some new things, and I like the results so far :)

I definitely never thought of just using paper as the focus of my pages. I've been following Paige Evans for the last little while and I've been totally inspired. I love how her pages focus mostly on the ways she can layer and put tons of patterned paper on one page. So I gave it a go, first page is a picture of my friend Andrea and myself in Paris on our School Europe Trip last year. The background was actually originally a city map of Paris, and I circled the places we visited. Then I put strips of paper in the spots where we didn't visit so only the red circled places were visible on the map. If i ever do a page like this again, I'm definitely changing the way I approach cutting the strips, because this was quite the learning process.

I've been wanting to use those chipboard letters for a while but was having a really tough time because they're patterned and didn't really go with any of my other pages. But I finally found a use for them and I think they look perfect on this page.

Just finished this page today and I'm actually really happy with it. I really love how I incorporated so much patterned paper, but the focus is definitely still the pictures. The page is basically about how it seems like here we have a constant winter, it usually lasts 6 months or more and this year they said it was going to be a long one. I'm usually really loving the snow on the first week but after that I just can't stand it.

Used the same chipboard letters again... love them here too.

Luckily I only had to do one try for these pictures because after this my clothes were completely soaked.

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