Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Science Fruit Fun

My brother decided to make a citrus battery for his grade 7 science fair. So of course we couldn't go at it half-assed, and we bought every citrus fruit Safeway carried, just to check which fruit would come out as the glorious winner. To make his display the most inspired one of the bunch, we decided each fruit was to have its own name, personality and backstory.... so here is, without further ado, The Family...

Meave is the mother of the bunch, she was brought up in a very old fashioned home, with old fashioned parents who believed the sun was bad for your complexion. Thus, she has an umbrella. She is also quite naive because not being allowed to set foot out of your house till you are ripe, isn't good for any child, especially one of citrus variety. You'll see why she is so sheltered when you meet Minerva.
Minerva is the typical cranky, crotchety old grandmother who hates everything, and complains incessantly. She is Meave's mother, and currently lives with Meave and her husband, along with the children. She's a sour old grapefruit, and carries her wooden cane, perfect for hitting unruly children, with her everywhere. She has a permanent scowl on her face, and has lost her supposed "youthful beauty".
Pietro-Fabio is Meave's foreign husband. He's pretty much good for nothing, and is the type that will sit on the couch all day. How sweet little Meave ended up with this sour lime, no one really knows.
These are the children. Quadir is the genius of the family. He's the kind of kid who can spell the word antidisestablishmentarianism without even blinking an eye. Ramses-Ragu is a jock, a stereotypical fantasy jock. He's never really sure whats going on. Babatunde has problems, but no one has figured out whats quite wrong with him yet. And Tallulah is the only girl of the family. She's sweet and kind and always quite happy.
A Family Portrait
(we picked all the names ourselves. That was pretty much the best part.)

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