Sunday, February 5, 2012


Sometimes it's kind of difficult balancing my want of taking photography with the necessity of schoolwork. Also, it's difficult that I live so far from my friends and my brother hates me taking pictures of him. So usually I'm just stuck taking pictures of flowers. You can get some gorgeous pictures of flowers but there's only so many things to do with them. I've always wanted to try portrait photography. I know I don't have much training or experience capturing people, and I'm kind of just an awkward photographer in general, but luckily my best friends are willing to fool around with me and get some awesome pictures taken. So here is my second... maybe third attempt at taking portraits. Hopefully you like them, because I know I do :)

And these three were actually taken by my friends :)
I love the lack of focus here, but I'll have to get around to teaching them MF

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