Monday, April 4, 2011

France and Italy!

Back from Europe! Ill have to make a couple of posts in the next while dedicated to the trip because I took so many pictures! 1528 to be exact. I'll only be putting some of the best ones on here, but all of them are going on Facebook, and they're taking forever to upload!mI had so much fun on the trip, the people were amazing, the countries were beautiful, and we had so much fun! I did manage to twist my ankle pretty badly about halfway through the trip, but i kept through it because I didn't want to miss anything. (ill post a picture of my ankle later, its pretty funny). So here is the first set of pictures!
 The Eiffel Tower during the day, we went all the way to the top!
 Eiffel Tower during sunset, I boosted the colours a little, just to make them stand out more.
 Notre Dame Cathedral During the morning, we climbed all 400 stairs to get to the bell tower. It was such a good workout and such a beautiful view. completely worth the climb!
 Proof that yes, I was there.
 Winged Victory. I like this statue better from the side strangely enough.
The stairs to the top of the Arc Du Triumph.

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