Monday, April 11, 2011

Exciting news!

SO I have some pretty exciting things that happened to me this past week. On Saturday I was at West Ed to do a trade show with Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement is basically a world wide program where high school students are put into teams and make their own business from the very start. We have everything from a President, to a Vice president of Production (which is my job this year!) I've been involved in Junior Achievement for 4 years and I've been everything from the little worker bee who actually produces the products to President (last year).
 So this year in Edmonton, Junior Achievement (JA for short) is getting a lot of attention and publicity because of how successful our companies were this year. 4 companies (including my own) had more money in share value than any company ever has before, and one of our companies (Pure Vita which sold hand sanitizer) won nearly every JA award in North America. So one of the newly instated things we got to do this year was a trade show at WEM, plus we were filmed during the trade show for a TV show which will air later this summer. Also from each company, two members were chosen to give a pitch on stage to three judges. The winner would receive a prize of a radio show on CBC later that week, and a chance to have lunch with Brett Wilson; a previous Dragon off of Dragons Den, the Canadian Business TV show.
WEEEELLLLL....... I was chosen to go up on stage with my president to pitch our product and we WON!
So this morning I had to get up really early (4am) to go to the radio station to do a live segment about our company!
So if you'd like, you can check out our radio program here under the heading Mug Shot.

One really funny thing that happened, is that since I'm so tall, and my president is so little, during our interview section on the TV show, they gave my president a box to stand on, but she could take the box with her on stage to present to the judges so the sudden height difference is pretty funny :)

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