Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winter blues

 Just a photo to hopefully brighten up the cold winter, taken from the flower arrangement of gerberas in my room.
 A view of Downtown Edmonton from across the river, at night, in my fathers car. (thats why its blurred, but i liked the motion of it)
 We had to make a page that summed up who we are. The top part is my name stamped in Ukrainian, Then my name in english, a piano on the left side, an alto saxophone, volleyball, french horn, camera, artists palette, sheet music, a Ukrainian dancing "vinok" (a flower garland) and the word "read" on the right side.

The same bush before, during the summer, and after, during the winter and covered in snow.

So the Winter has been pretty darned cold, and I'm sure ready for it to end. We had a bit of a scare this weekend because I'm due to go on a France and Italy trip on Thursday, but then the whole thing in Libya started freaking my mom out, and she was insisting that I couldn't go, luckily she realized that it if was dangerous the school wouldn't let us go, because it would cost them way too much money if one of us died or something, so I'll most likely be going still, as long as my school doesn't decide to cancel the trip themselves. Hopefully that doesn't happen, I can't wait to get out of here for spring break, I'm ready to do something fun! and I need more pictures to scrapbook, because i have more pages planned than pictures at the moment :)


  1. Great pictures! I especially like the picture of the flower (gerberas) in your room...Daniel

  2. Your photos are amazing :) I'm sooooo looking forward to spring!

  3. Thank you so much!! I cant wait for spring wither, the snow is certainly starting to wear on me.