Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Volleyball Page

Just a little while ago, I took out a book that had about 100 scrapbook challenges in it. I wrote them all down in a list, and have been making my way through them ever since. This challenge was to base your scrapbook layout using a grid. I cut a picture of my senior volleyball team (just the grade 12's) into pieces, sewed them onto the paper using a transparency over top and made little pockets for each number by cutting through the top of the transparency. I've realized that I use a heck of a lot of sewing and thread in my layouts. Maybe its time to break this habit?
Silk flowers that i bought a bag of from Walmart. basically they were just loose flowers that had either fallen off or weren't sold, so i took all of them apart, and just have loose flowers to work with. Way cheaper than buying those paper flowers I tell you. Cost me a dollar for one of those big ziploc bags filled with assorted silk flowers. Sewed them onto the page, and stuck a black brad through the centre. You can also sort of see the transparency over to p of the photos here.
Each of the numbers stuck in its little pouch
The unfolded card thing, with journaling inside. It was actually originally a starbucks gift card holder.

Base paper: Making Memories Spring Brocade
Green spotted paper: Recollections (from Michaels) I think from the monky-ing around collection
Yellow paper: American Crafts A La Carte pack
Numbers: Tim Holtz Masks (just traced and cut out)
Transparency: Just an overhead transparency from Staples (My mom used to be a teacher so I got a huge stack of them from her)
Felted cream envelope: Starbucks Gift Card Holder
Silk Flowers: Walmart

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