Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cards 1

Dahlia made with a five petal flower punch. Cut around 5 or 6 in blue paper, then separated the petals of all but one. used a ton of tape to tape them together, painted/ inked the edges then curled them up. put little rhinestones in the middle and TAADAA!
Took one stamp (from the Michaels bargain bin :) studio G stamps) and stamped it randomly over 9 squares of cardstock. Embossed the two darker blue ones with glitter embossing powder, then stuck all the squares to the card and put on a piece of dyed hemp through a button.
Used 3 precut painted paper labels, fastened them to the edge of the blue cardstock, glued the other edge down. Stamped three flowers on gradiented yellow paper, stuck them on with pop up tape. then put 3 ribbons down.
Cut 3 strips of patterned paper. Distressed the edges and glued them to the card. Punched out two 6 petaled flowers of each color, distressed the ends and sewed them together with a button. Stuck them onto the white cardstock with a pop-up sticky. stamped the "YOU" on white cardstock and cut it out. Stuck everything together.
This is one of my favorites :). I make the thanks definition part on photoshop. Just wrote it out in the format i wanted and made it grey instead of black. Cut out and distressed all the paper, glued it on and added a vellum strip for some visual break up.

So iv been working on cards like MAD this past week. For some reason i just had the urge to keep making them. So here are the first five. Im too lazy to post all the materials but if you have any questions about a specific stamp or paper i can find out for you no problem.

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